One of the mobile app promotion ways is based on people’s love for everything free. It’s also remarkable as it’s used as a special offer. You may have already guessed that today we’ll talk about the App of the Day.

What is it?

App of the Day is a special app-catalog via which users can download other paid apps without spending money. Mechanics is quite simple: a new product appears there every day which is available to users absolutely for free while usually, it’s a paid one. So the benefit is evident.
Developers can get a great many installs in a short time with the help of the service. App of the Day appeared a long time ago and it has quite a large audience now.
The work scheme is quite easy: developers connect App of the Day representatives directly and agree on placing their app in the catalog. Then a promoted app is published for 24 hours and gets torrents of traffic.
But App of the Day from Appturbo isn’t the only product of such a type, though it has the largest audience. There are similar projects in many countries but they’re almost total clones and have the same mechanics.

What products should be promoted?

Not all the products suit for promotion in App of the Day. So which products can be promoted this way?

  • Apps for a large audience without any specifics.
  • Simple games and other apps that almost any user would like.
  • Small capacity products (30-40 MB).

There’s no sense to buy placing in App of the Day to promote narrow-specialized apps and big games. You will only waste lots of money and collect a few installs. There’s also a possibility that you may get many negative reviews from people who install unnecessary apps.

Besides such a way of promotion is usually useless for serious business apps as the potential audience doesn’t cross with those who love free things.


In which cases should you use App of the Day?

Even if your app fits all the above-mentioned categories, don’t hurry to place your app in App of the Day. This method will be good for you if you use a strategy of getting into TOP, i.e. it gives a great number of installs in short terms.
If you decided to use promotion in App of the Day, be prepared for a quick flow of users. A server breakdown or any other technical difficulties may fail all the campaign and you won’t be able to get your money back.
Don’t count on the loyal audience, App of the Day gives low-quality traffic. As a result, there are few active users left in the app.

What should you count on?

It’s difficult to predict the results of placing an app in App of the Day as many things depend on the app itself. If users like it, you may appear in TOP.



Here are several examples from real life:

  • A dating service was placed in App of the Day. It could stay in TOP-10 for 2 days due to the number of installs it got. It cost $25 000, i.e. each install was $1,5-2 approximately.
  • One developer placed a game in App of the Day. He could attract 90 000 installs. 150-200 users downloaded it every day before and right after the end of the agreement with App of the Day a natural install Decrease happened. 2500-3000 users downloaded the app every day during a week and then the number decreased to 500 installs.
  • Another app promotion in App of the Day could attract more than 50 000 installs on the day it was placed there. It got to TOP-20 in its category but the number of natural installs was trifling, daily traffic dropped to the previous number of installs (500) after placing it there.

There are many similar examples but not everyone gets good organics. Placing an app in App of the Day becomes unprofitable or not more beneficial than buying incent traffic. It’s very difficult to forecast the result as it depends on many factors.



Placing an app in App of the Day is connected with many problems and difficulties. Here are the most evident ones:

  • there’s rather a big queue for placing an app in App of the Day. There are many people who want to promote their apps this way. So you should plan it beforehand.
  • it’s difficult to call App of the Day audience loyal, moreover, users usually leave negative comments on any occasion.
  • it’s a mistake to think that this method gives quality traffic. A great part of users deletes apps right after installation which affects negatively app position in-store ratings.
  • App Store doesn’t like such promotion methods. For example, App of the Day is now deleted from the market. Though it functions in Google Play.

If you have an app for a large audience and your goal is to get to TOP, this method is good for you. But there are some problems connected with placing in App of the Day. That’s why you should consider all the pros and cons beforehand.

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