• Are you an entrepreneur or a startup owner?
  • Do you have a full-time job and consider starting a side project?
  • Or do you want to find a way to earn passive income?

Most likely you have a smart software idea, well-thought-out and ready to become a real tool. You have investments, time, and the Idea. Only one thing is missing — the right team of designers, developers, QA specialists, project and product managers.

A strong team brings great results, a weak team brings failure.

That is why we created WellDoneBy — to help you build your strong and dedicated team.


What can you get with WellDoneBy?

Gather the right team

WellDoneBy assists you in assembling an ideal team. We thoroughly checked and gathered the top companies specializing in software development. You can easily browse them by categories, experience, budget, and reviews to find a reliable partner for your project.

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Access best practices

Hardly any project is 100% unique. Other companies may have already developed similar tools. You can use their experience to avoid bottlenecks and gather insights that will bring your project to success. With this in mind, we created an easy-to-navigate Global portfolio of real-world case studies. For example, you are starting a project in Healthcare. You can access all the cases in the Healthcare category fast and easily.

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Why is the team choice so important?

“Make something people want” (YC slogan). The beginning of a startup is very dynamic. To indeed make something people want, you have to quickly test every hypothesis. Sometimes you will make mistakes. Yet, if you are fast to change, you will evolve at the right pace to capture a market share. Growth defines the future of startups. Only a good team can be ready for such dynamics and all the consequences.


What makes a great team?

#1. Flexibility and expertise

Your team should understand that you are searching for a product-market fit and testing hypotheses. So, they have to be ready to rewrite code, delete needless code, and provide several ways of solving the same tech problems. The experts you hire should understand the nature of the MVP and strike the balance between code perfection and company needs.

#2. Self-motivation

A start-up needs employees who not only execute but also take your project as a personal development journey. They will challenge you with difficult questions. They will be motivated and dedicated to work on your project.

#3. Extra services

While searching for a partner, compare the value/cost ratio, rather than prices only. Check the experience and skills in your field, as well as their processes and experience with startups. Higher rates can also imply higher expertise and more value for your project.


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