Social Networks> Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table mobile app helps hosts and guests build meaningful, in-person connections through intimate, shared dining experiences.

4 weeks ago

Social Networks> Greenskeeper

Greenskeeper is an iPhone application for the largest social network of golfers in the world, giving users the ability to engage with golf courses and golfers from around the globe.

4 weeks ago

Social Networks> AYIO

A Social Business Platform where everyone can offer their services to others and become self-employed

4 weeks ago

Social Networks> The Matchplayer

The project idea arrived in response to the lack of golf communities to find a game partner.

4 weeks ago

Social Networks> Ayoo Dance

The main idea of Ayoo Dance is to give dancers a place where they can show their skills and communicate.

4 weeks ago

Social Networks> All Square

All Square uses the latest social media and app technologies to harness the passion for golf.

1 month ago