Success depends on a strategy almost in any occupation. It’s so simple to fail the whole thing without it. Mobile promotion isn’t an exception. You can spend millions if you act without thinking and won’t come closer to the desired TOP. But an experienced strategist can bring the app to a beneficial position having even quite a small budget. A more experienced one may possibly not think about top, but will find the needed audience by his/her own methods.

Today we will talk about mobile strategies.

Before promoting almost any mobile app it’s necessary to develop a definite strategy. Thoughtless actions won’t bring you success, but the budget will suffer a lot. There’s no definite recipe for each app, however, there are typical strategies that will do for a majority of apps.

Principles of choosing a strategy

It’s necessary to analyze several factors before promoting and only then make a decision:

  • advertising budget.
  • quantity and quality of the target audience.
  • properties of the app.

Let’s discuss the last point as it’s the most important. There’s no need to bring to the TOP apps intended for a small audience. And vice versa: it’s necessary to promote to the TOP apps meant for a wide audience in order to cover more users.

Besides, the goals you set are very essential. They may be:

  • coming to payback.
  • getting funding.
  • testing monetization models.
  • many others.

Three promotion strategies

We single out 3 ad strategies for mobile apps:

  1. TOP – bringing the app to the highest lines of the main TOP or categories. The strategy is optimal for apps that need a mass audience.
  2. Installs – promotion in the condition of the limited budget. If you don’t have enough means for bringing and keeping your app in a TOP, you need to distribute your budget in an optimal way.
  3. Target – advertising of apps for a small audience. The strategy may be used in case if your potential audience differs from the majority of users by some specific qualities.


Is your app made for a wide range of users? Do you want to gain maximum audience? Is there an impressive budget? In order to realize these great plans TOP strategy suits best. It’s a wonderful variant for games, messengers, dating services for a wide audience. Attracting more users is the main goal for the latter two. Otherwise, there will be nobody to communicate with.

In order to get into TOP you need to have a great number of installs in a short time as the main factor of forming ratings for stores is the number of installs for several days. What’s the benefit of getting to the TOP? The biggest traffic is there. Most of the time it’s enough to show your app there once and a chain reaction will follow. Users will actively install your app, i.e. natural installs will appear. In successful cases, 1 paid install attracts 4-5 natural installs, if the app is in TOP.


Beginner developers often can’t allow themselves large-scale promotion. It demands a sufficient budget. In this case, the promotion task is to distribute money in the most optimal way. But this requires a lot of precise analytical work.

The essence of the strategy is to get the needed amount of installs on minimal price on the condition of payback. This strategy won’t do for conquering the main TOP of the store, but it may bring the app to TOP categories.

So how to distribute the budget wisely?

  • Firstly, you should analyze the platforms where you’re going to place your ads. The audience should be extremely similar to your potential users.
  • Secondly, choose the most favorable price offers. There are different prices for clicks or installs on different platforms.


There’s no point in spending money and bringing apps for a small audience in TOP where only some percent fraction of all the users will be your target audience. In case of promoting a specific app you need to thoroughly examine your potential audience and the places which target users tend to visit.

For example, if the app is meant for physicians, you should search for professional communities and web sites dedicated to this very theme. If the app is created for motorists, you need to cut out those who don’t own a car. There’s no need to advertise an app for beginner musicians to those who don’t play instruments. Sometimes there are situations when we need to eliminate insolvent people (e.g. pupils and students). That’s when we need Target strategy.

Maybe it would be difficult to find appropriate platforms that sell ads. Therefore you can turn to users directly, using press releases or articles about your app. Thus, you can have a successful campaign without using paid promotion methods.


Choosing the right strategy is half of success. These schemes will do for the majority of apps. But you should keep in mind that for the realization of any of the analytical work is needed.

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