“Do I need a website?” – sooner or later any company owner is wondering about it. The question should be: why I still do not have a website and how soon will I get one? At present, the World Wide Web is growing exponentially, and a site is an integral part of marketing tools for business development. We are looking for our problem solving, different goods and services on the Internet. Thus, your site is responsible for the first impression you make.

What is the purpose of a website?

  • to form the first impression of your company
  • to give an accurate picture of your brand
  • to generate additional income by attracting new customers via online presence
  • to conduct online transactions, etc.

In this article, we will look at the website development consultants. What business benefits do they bring?

Why do you need a web development consultant? 

Website creation is a complex process that involves choosing a domain name, developing a layout, navigation paths, etc. Best of all, when all this happens under the supervision of one qualified specialist. Web development consultant is responsible for:

  • your needs and requirements identification
  • website layout
  • resource allocation
  • product development and management.

Your main goal is to get a quality website that represents your product as fully as possible. Cuspy Software is experienced and strategically tailored to the needs of your website. We can scale your team with highly qualified specialists and get the desired result.

Difference between website development consultants and developers

The developer’s task is to write a clean, bug-free code that meets the project’s specifications.

Web development consultant focuses on website strategy, interactions, navigation paths, UX/UI-design, content strategy, prototyping, and more to help achieve client specifications.

Services offered by website development consultants

  • UX design helps companies understand the requirements and logic of their users. This basic knowledge makes it easy to strategize and develop a personalized approach to targeting and attracting customers and leads. All of this contributes to the conscious design of the site. 
  • UI design. Analyzing user movement around your site helps you understand the needs, wants, motivations, and pain points of your current and potential customers. Besides, attractive, easy-to-navigate, and aesthetically pleasing designs are essential for websites, so it is very important to focus and invest resources and time in this area.
  • Prototyping is creating a rough website version or a sample for initial testing by users. This allows you to identify various errors that need to be eliminated until the main version of the site is launched.
  • Front-end and back-end. In other words, this is programming the client- and server-side of the site, respectively. These two important aspects are completely different, but they cannot live without each other. Each website user faces the front-end, but the back-end is responsible for processing user requests.
  • SEO and support. SEO is a powerful tool that can increase website traffic by analyzing keywords, working with links, and creating a marketing strategy. Support is the practice of keeping a website up and running according to customer requirements. 

Technology Stack

Developers at Cuspy Software use the latest and most reliable languages, technologies, and frameworks to deliver powerful and feature-rich solutions. 

  • Open-source (Python, PHP, Ruby on Rails)
  • JavaScript (React, Vue, Angular, Node)
  • Platforms (Salesforce, SharePoint)
  • Time-tested (.NET, Java)

By creating a customized website, you will make your company’s unique identity available to customers by providing the right storyline for your business and what drives it in the future. Stay tuned for our new posts!