Guys from UXPin (prototyping tool) have compiled many useful books on UX. They’ve done a huge job. And in exchange, they ask for your email only. I’ve downloaded all the books long ago and I personally recommend them. The material is priceless for your startup.

Here’s the list of books.

  • Web UI Design Patterns 2014. Carefully selected 63 web UI design patterns, almost 200 pages! A great number of well-known companies use mobile UI design patterns described in the book (Instagram, Spotify, Uber, Mailbox, Pinterest, and others).
  • Web UI Design for the Human Eye: Colors, Space, Contrast. The essentials of how to make the first impressions using visual and interaction design. The book has a great variety of chapters: use of Gestalt, expressing emotions through color, contrast vs. similarity and more. It also includes case studies from such companies as Tumblr, Medium, Google and others.
  • Design Collaboration in the Enterprise: Building the Foundation of Brilliance. You will learn how a team can enhance their ideas on the first stages of the design process, how to start working on design projects in order to avoid unpleasant surprises in the end and tons of priceless techniques. The book offers you not only theory but also real and priceless advice.
  • Web UI Trends Present & Future: Dramatic Typography. The book tells how to use typography tricks and techniques on the web. There are 21 most gorgeous examples. Wide range of topics: from fundamentals of typography to typography as art and many more. Tips on how to create stunning typography.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Prototyping. A full explanation of methods, tools, and processes. You’ll learn the basics of how to use prototyping tools, paper prototypes, and other popular techniques. Finest practices of prototyping from Photoshop and Sketch files.
  • Web UI Design for the Human Eye: Content Patterns & Typography. The book is priceless for those eager to learn how to design content and make up visual languages. You’ll learn what is a content-first design approach, pattern types of content layout. It also provides case studies from Amazon, The New Yorker, TED, Dropbox, and other companies. In this book, real-world advice dominates boring theory.
  • Web UI Design Process: The Visual Power of Mockups. It offers an explanation of such notions as purpose, context and provides first-rate mock-up practices. You’ll realize what exactly differs mock-ups from wireframes and prototypes. Find out a variety of ways to integrate mockups into the design process.
  • Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Intangibles. You’ll learn the ways you may affect user behavior with the help of captivating interactions. The chapters teach how to influence user actions and decisions, design for the time, reduce friction and more. It also includes visual case studies from Mint, Apple, MailChimp and 20 more companies.
  • Interaction Design Best Practices: Mastering the Tangibles. Here’s everything you need to know about designing visuals and interface copy. In the book, you’ll find an explanation of the use of white space, size/distance, visual consistency, cognitive load and other. Studies from more than 30 companies are included in the book: AirBnB, Virgin America, Google, Facebook and more. There are lots of examples that help to understand not-so-easy theories.
  • The Guide to Mockups Mockup Types, Methods And Best Practices. The book will help you to look at the mock-ups from the inside (navigation, menus, UI patterns, etc.). Learn practices of making mock-ups in Photoshop and Sketch. The chapters include a great many examples and advice.
  • The Guide to Usability Testing. You’ll find out how can you defend your design ideas and decisions. There are 30+ usability testing methods along with analysis and tips. You will also find practices from such companies as Apple, Microsoft, Buffer, and others.
  • Web UI Design Best Practices UI Design from the Experts. It’s a source of web UI design theory and practice of industry leaders and top companies. The book offers a thorough description and explanation of techniques covering UX design, visual design, and interface design. UI design from 33 companies is analysed there (Spotify, Apple and more). A great amount of examples makes it easy to read.
  • The Guide to UX Design Process & Documentation. Frameworks, examples, and opinions from experts are collected under its cover. It’s research on how to build a cool product. The book includes vivid examples of more than 25 documents from real life for different production stages. Experts’ comments on strong and weak sides.