The programming forum is a second home for software developers, the place where they can find experts in programming, meet like-minded people and someone to look up to. It is about the programming forum they say “two heads are better than one” and “place of power”. So, if you are a newcomer in programming, or are going to change the programming language, or want to share your knowledge and experience, you know what you should do.

You can ask: “Programming Forums? Seriously? Do they still exist?”

Yes, they do. 

There are a lot of programming forums with valuable information on the Web. This is a time-saving solution when a software developer needs to find an answer immediately, without reinventing the wheel. Someone has already encountered this situation and can help you.   

Before searching for the solution, you should know where to search. There are dozens of programming forums, but not all of them are good enough.

We drew up a special guide with the most well-known and informative programming forums and divided it into groups by the level of expertise and by programming languages.

So, let’s take a closer look at them.

Key reasons to turn to a programming forum

#1. You have a ready solution to a problem 

You successfully solved an issue, so you can show your way of bug fixing to the public. No matter how much experience you have in this programming language, you can offer the original solution that would be more convenient or clear, or shorter than the traditional one. Skilled software developers know that permanent learning is the key to becoming a master. New solutions are the keys to success in the IT-sphere.

#2. You require to share the views

The programming forum can come to aid, when you are working alone on the project or when your teammates can’t give you advice. This is the web hub that is open 24/7.

New solutions and mutual help — this is the foundation of any programming forum.      

What do experts and beginners pick?

Experts’ choice

When experienced software developers deal with something extraordinary, they can go to Stack Overflow, one of the best programming hubs on the Web.

Another place is Reddit: a huge web portal with news and entertaining information, which also has threads on coding with a great community of software developers of about 1,8 mln persons. So, you have a good chance to find what you need there.   

Place for beginners

Novice programmers at the beginning of their career require an additional source of practical advice, code analysis, and good examples of masters, so they can also turn to programming forums for additional knowledge. 

In this case, the WebmasterWorld forum is a great solution. Highly-experienced programmers will help novices with solving the problem and improving professional skills.

Google Groups, with a lot of information about various programming languages, can also be useful in the beginning. Novices can choose the needed group and communicate with like-minded persons. Members of groups can also take part in offline meetings. 

What are the best forums for certain technologies?


Besides common programming forums, there are separate places for different programming languages. 

One of the well-known places for Java experts and beginners is The Cafe. In addition to the forum with questions and answers, it presents a blog and video lessons, so you can find the needed information there.

Also, Java programmers can turn to the Java Programming Forum and Stack Overflow to find additional tips.


When you are looking for a С forum, one of the first solutions will be the C Programming forum. It includes the information on both С and C++ programming languages: forums, tutorials, and free books.

This kind of information about С and C++ you can also find on the Go4Expert forum. In addition, there are different threads about game programming, web development, operating systems, and more. Also, no one is stopping you from searching for information on previously named common programming forums.


One of the actual C++ programming forums is the CPlusPlus. It has several threads with information for beginners, general C++ programming, Windows, Linux programming, articles, and tutorials.

Those who are looking for game programming with C++, can check the Unreal Engine and find something interesting on this theme. 

C++ is one of the most well-known programming languages, so you can find a thread devoted to it on every common programming forum or hub.  


If you are looking for some tips for Apple software development, it is obvious to visit official Apple Developer Forums. They include a lot of information grouped into themes Xcode, APP Frameworks, System frameworks, Core Os, and etc.

You can find additional helpful tips about game development on iOS on a special subforum of Unreal Engine.


Android programming forums have regularly updated information and useful tips for Android developers. So, you can log in to Android Forums to search for answers to your questions or help other members with their issues. 

The App Futura forum with its actual tips and tricks and a constantly growing blog also is in great demand among novices and experienced developers. 


If you require some help with Windows issues, you should check Windows Forum. There you can find several threads covering Windows versions, operational systems, hardware, software, tutorials, and more that would suit developers with any expertise. The forum is actual, working, and continuously updated.


If you want to discuss different Python updates or features, read devoted to the theme posts, and ask some Python-related or common questions, you should visit Bytes. It has an active community with more than 400k members. So, any time you check it, you can find someone to talk to.  

Another current Python Forum (that is the name) is a hub for Python experts that can solve the most interesting issues from different areas: networking, game development, GUI. Also, it has a special thread for beginners, named Homework.  


The community of Ruby programmers is constantly growing, so there is no problem with finding a separate forum or subforum devoted to coding on Ruby. For example, you should visit Ruby Forum, CodeRanch, Stack Overflow, or Google Groups.

You can search for the needed issue on GitHub, a leader among programming forums; its authors have enough experience and knowledge about solid code. Also, don’t forget about the Digital Point community.


PHP programmers can check one of the newly established PHP Forums or visit the subforums of large-scale hubs, such as HackForums or CodeRanch.

HackForums has a special thread for beginners with basic information and a lot of different themes related to PHP coding, so you can add your question to the similar ones or create a new topic.

The CodeRanch forum has an original design, which reminds a saloon, and useful groups of issues: best this year, best this month, and most recent, so you can both monitor the tendency in your theme, ask a question, or share your knowledge.


Besides the above-mentioned forums, JavaScript programmers can visit BlackHatWorld, track themes, and find a solution for their complicated issues or ask a question. There are JavaScript threads at all web hubs: places with related news, tips, and discussions, where you can find your colleagues from different parts of the world.  

Programming forums continue to be popular among software developers. Every programmer was in the situation when he or she required an expert opinion or, instead, wanted to share a brilliant solution. So, programming forums are way out in both cases. They help save time for solving issues, increase your knowledge, and help you stay informed in your theme.