The goal of any business is to create a recognizable and selling brand that would differ from competitors and effectively work in the marketplace. The wrong or imperceptible name is not what you need at the start of your way in ecommerce. The name of your online store it’s your first and direct advertising, your calling card since choosing it properly. If you are a beginner in ecommerce and just going to create your Shopify store, we prepared for you a bunch of tips that will inspire you for the perfect store name idea.

#1. Don’t be afraid of simplicity

The perfect online store’s name should be catchy, easy to remember, and to spell, that’s why you need to focus on brevity. Take into account that the brand’s name will be placed at the header of your store’s homepage, it’s the first that your customers see.   

No one says that it is simple: to figure out a genius name from scratch and don’t repeat after someone. It’s a common practice: if we think that the word sounds great and fits our store concept, maybe someone else thinks the same. New stores and brands appear every day, it’s time to “switch on” your creativity.

How does it work?

  • Play with short words combinations that are easily remembered: it can be a rhyme or alliterative phrase. 
  • Create a new word or change the existing one. This is how tech giants do: eBay or Google. These words didn’t exist before but now it’s challenging to find somebody who wouldn’t hear them.
  • Appeal to something personal: you can use your name/its form, childhood name, the way you call your beloved person, pet’s name. Such a brand’s name can be something like a double-edged sword: this simplifies your store identification, but when you want to sell your business in the future, it would be challenging. 

#2.  Use reverse logic

You need to make the marketing research to find competitors in your niche, analyze their stores’ names and do the opposite. Doing so, you create contrast, highlight your difference and say that you can offer much more to the customers. Also, avoid the usage of the same words in the name that are available in other stores. As for instance, if their name is something like “The future technologies”, you shouldn’t use any of these words, say no to “Smart technologies” or “The future tricks”. If your names sound similar, it can confuse customers.

#3. Сonnect your store and domain names

After you will sketch out several Shopify store names, make sure that at least one of them is available for domain registration. Top-notch domain name is .com and it’s known as  top-level domain name, TLD. Also, think about the ways of your store development: if you plan to sell not just on Shopify but via eBay, Amazon, Facebook or other channels, browse through the names of companies that work there. Avoid matches, doing so you wouldn’t lose customers.

#4. Search for alternative solutions

If you found a similar name or saw that your domain name is not available, you can use other TLD, for example,.shop or .store.  Also, it can be based on your kind of product, something like .tea, .bags, .t-shirts, etc.

If you don’t like alternative TLD and focused on .com, there are several tips how you can modify your domain name:

  • Brand name+key;
  • Brand;
  • Get+key
  • Shop+brand;
  • Brand name+ name of your;
  • Verb (like call to actions, for example, wear)+brand;
  • Pronoun (Your/Our/My)+brand name (or key product);
  • Acronym of your brand name (if it includes several words)

 #5. Take care of uniqueness

Make sure that you don’t violate anyone’s copyright. To do it, you need to check The United States Patent and Trademark Office if you are from the US or Canadian Intellectual Property Office site if you are from Canada. If you need a maximal guarantee that it’s all right with your name, it’s completely original and safe or just a tired to browse through endless lists, you should turn to the lawyer for consultation.   

#6. Let go your imagination

If the creating the online store name for Shopify is still challenging for you, and your perfect idea doesn’t lie on the surface you need some inspiration. Figure out, what can be associated with your store or product, what ambience you want to create. Your store name  can sound like something from the previous century or, vise versa, highlight modern tendencies. Also, try to translate your name, product or industry into other languages, if this is appropriate.

We hope our tips inspired you and now you are ready to create the perfect name for your online store. Just listen to your heart and catch the inspiration!