Yoga La Source

Project's Description

Rubyroid Labs delivered custom yoga classes booking system for Yoga La Source, the largest yoga center in Luxembourg that runs more than 40 yoga courses a week

Developed By

This project was developed by RubyroidLabs

Initially our team had to become familiar with project’s legacy code and gain a deep understanding of the company’s business operations. After this step, customer received a successful integration of all desired features into the core of the registration system quickly, creatively and efficiently. Next additional features were implemented including:

— Automated registration system

— Summer student program registration system

— Winter student program registration system

— Classes for pregnant registration system

— New automated email system integration

A major problem of the development was a large amount of unmaintainable legacy code in the existing application which was received from the previous vendor. The old registration system used a lot of duplicate code. So we decided to reprogram it and classify registration data. This approach helped us to support and maintain the data more easily. Our team optimized the database architecture and made the data preload to resolve the N+1 query problem. Also, there were no tests on the project, so it was quite difficult to implement big architecture changes.

Today, Yoga La Source is the largest yoga center in Luxembourg, with a large variety of classes and programs for all categories of yoga-lovers. The new system is stable and secure, and the business owner sees an enhancement in the usage of the new registration products. Email automation system is now working correctly, so clients will not miss any messages!