Project's Description

Keeps is a full-service preventative hair loss treatment solution that connects patients directly to care and prescriptions.

Developed By

This project was developed by iTechArtGroup

Applying our solid web engineering experience, the iTechArt team delivered a platform that immediately connects users with licensed physicians who prescribe a unique treatment plan of FDA-approved products.

Throughout the web development stage, the iTechArt team was to complete a range of assignments:
- Performance optimization
- Migrate existing API from REST to GraphQL
- Move from Angularjs to React and TypeScript
- Integrate GraphQL types and client-side codebase
- Enrich website functionality with a fully-typed Quiz framework
- Implement custom Apollo links
- Organize multi-page transitions as state machines
- Implement a self-hosted subscriptions system
- Manage AWS infrastructure with Terraform
- Create a developer-friendly mechanism for building dynamic staging environments
- Set up Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for a web application