Project's Description

A solution that helps people find a soulmate or a friend in the USA, build relationships, answer interesting questions, discuss new topics

Developed By

This project was developed by Cleveroad



Landing page and iOS-based dating app to connect people, and it allows them to find true love and answer interesting daily questions.

Project idea

The customer wanted to build a dating app according to a well-thought business model for the US region where competitors like Tinder didn’t gain immense popularity. The main idea was to create a solution that works like a traffic light. Green light means Superlike, a great sympathy. Yellow is similar to Like,a fellow feeling. And red light means Dislike accordingly.

Target audience

People of 18-24 age

Project challenges

Keeping up with a strict deadline
Following all rules and regulations to protect personal data

We have provided a customer with a high-performance and bug-free app on time. We have elaborated such points like Terms of Use and Privacy to ensure that all personal info of users is protected and the app is compliant with local regulations.