About Company

We are the Lean Startup Evangelists who are after your budget saving through wise development (and not price/rate damping). 

For the last 3 years, we launched over 70 startups and 20 of them could get to a profit zone. This means, that success probability is x95 more than the average number on the market.

Each startup needs to save every penny. And that’s why the Lean Startup methodology, that we are using. We are delivering the best startup experience, and for this purpose, we are hiring team members with an entrepreneur set of minds. 


Our partners are getting into accelerations:

— YC Startup School;
— FB Start;
— Millenials Menorca;
— Tech Stars;

Our partners are rising funds and Grants from:

— Facebook;
— European Union;
— Amazon;
— Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Among some wins our partners have:

— $2m on sales a year;
— $35k/month on subscription;
and sure
— getting to Investment rounds;
time will show. More are coming...

Drop us a line with your case — and we will choose the best solution directly for you. 

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