Project's Description

Freshly is a ready-made meal delivery service focused on providing high-quality, professionally-prepared, healthy food.

Developed By

This project was developed by iTechArtGroup

iTechArt has scaled the team from six to ten engineers who are responsible for the following tasks:

Assistance with development and support of a Wordpress-based website now and a single page application later. The latter encompasses delivering a persuasive and highly likely-to-convert interface for the checkout page.
UI development using Backbone.js and Marionette to freshen up the overall look of the application and increase user loyalty.
Migration of the SPA to a Rails-based application, which dramatically increased website loading speed. Ruby on Rails made it possible to create admin forms with a single tag instead of countless lines of code.

We also managed to migrate massive amounts of data to a custom PostgreSQL database, thereby facilitating a smooth transition from one system to another.
Payment systems integration (Stripe, Braintree) and subscribers’ experience optimization, including running multiple A/B tests of the user interface. This guaranteed a better conversion rate and significant sales increase.
System transition from monolithic application to a microservices-based architecture on the cloud platform.