Project's Description

Constant Health’s goal is to change the mindset that success requires suffering. Their program is about achieving the best weight you can achieve while living the happiest life you can live.

Developed By

This project was developed by MindSea

The build is made up of three components:

iOS App: for patients to log food, track goals, have phone/video calls with clinician, search recipes

Patient Portal: web based, leveraging React Material; for patients to sign up for the program, pay, schedule appointments

Clinician Portal: web based, leveraging React Material; where the support team—coach and dietician—can log in to set goals and view progress, message and call the patients, view analytics

The whole premise of the app is to walk with patients on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. Being able to connect with the experts they need most as they transition to better habits is an invaluable feature of this program.

For the entire 12 weeks, a certified wellness coach and a registered dietician work with each patient to develop daily goals. Patients get access to their team at the beginning of the program to establish what it is that’s driving them to reset their lifestyle and lose weight.