Kirill Agishev has gathered most efficient tools which will help developers to promote their apps.

Market investigation



  • POP (Prototyping on paper) – a mobile app prototyping
  • Mockabilly – an app for creating mock-ups for iPhone
  • Interface – an advanced breadboarding and prototyping for iOS
  • Blueprint – an app breadboarding for iPad and iPhone
  • Proptotypes – changes static design to a clickable prototype for iPhone
  • FieldTest – creating of an interactive mobile prototype
  • Keynotopia – Keynotopia makes Keynote and PowerPoint the best quick prototyping tools for creating app mock-ups
  • Justinmind – interactive frameworks for creating web and mobile apps
  • Fluid UI – a prototyping for iOS, Android and Windows apps
  • UI Stencils – patterns, sketches and accessories for user interface design
  • App Cooker – an advanced mock-up generator for iOS mobile apps
  • – a mobile prototyping
  • UXPin – UX prototyping means
  • AppGyver’s Prototyper – changes frameworks into interactive mobile app prototypes
  • App Mockup Tools – a creation of prototypes for iPhone apps
  • WireKit – a set of frameworks for iPhone apps
  • DevRocket – a Photoshop plugin panel for iOS app developers
  • Flinto – a quick creation of prototypes for iOS
  • App Icon Template – icon patterns for iOS 7 and Android apps
  • PortKit – an equivalent of UX Metaphor for iOS and Android
  • iOS 7 Wireframe Kit – “A kit for an Illustrator to make your wireframing a day on a beach”
  • SketchMirror – a preview of mobile app design from your device
  • Invision – web and mobile prototyping and a tool for UI prototyping
  • Framer – a tool for animation prototyping
  • Marvel – a free tool for prototyping
  • Sketch – a professional design for Mac


Demo tools

  • – an interactive preview of apps and games


Collections of UI elements


Crowdfunding for mobile apps

  • Ackuna – a crowdsourcing platform for app localization and translation
  • AppStori – a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding platform for apps
  • Appbacker – a wholesale app market
  • Appsfunder – a search for a platform for apps
  • AppSplit – a crowdfunding platform for apps
  • Kraudmob – a crowdfunding for mobile apps
  • Dandy – a collective creation of apps


App localization

  • Ackuna – a crowdsourcing platform for app localization and translation
  • Jargon – a translation of apps to any language (SDK)
  • iCanLocalize – a professional translation
  • Applingua – iOS, OSX and Android service for localization
  • OneSky – a translation of apps and web-sites
  • PO Editor – a free tool for online soft localization
  • Acclaro – a mobile app translation
  • Babble-on – an app localization
  • LocTeam – a localization of iOS and Mac OS X apps
  • Gengo – a translation of apps of any scale using human resources
  • Wordcrafts – Mac OS and iOS localization
  • Smooth Localize – a free and quick way of app localization for iOS
  • Transfluent – an easy app translation using Transfluent API
  • DYS Translations – a service for translation and localization of video games


A/B testing

  • Hercules – an A/B testing of mobile apps
  • Splitforce – an A/B testing of mobile apps for iOS, Android and Unity
  • Vessel – an optimization of mobile apps using A/B testing
  • OneTwoSplit – an A/B testing of app store listing and conversion enhancement
  • SplitMetrics – an A/B testing of icons and screenshots


User reviews/CRM SDK

  • Apptentive – an in-app feedback for iPhone and Android developers
  • Appboy – a platform for client attraction
  • HelpShift – a client support service for native apps
  • LivePerson – a tool for a mobile chat
  • UserEcho for iOS – a collection and management of reviews for iPhone and iPad
  • TestFairy – an easy app testing for Android
  • Testbirds – a crowdtesting for mobile apps
  • Instabug – a built-in system of review collection for mobile apps
  • swrve – a platform for marketing and mobile app optimization
  • HelpStack – a framework with an initial open code for FAQ
  • Hipmob – an integration of FAQ and live chats for websites and mobile apps


Built-in analytics system of mobile apps


Attribution / Market analytics

  • Tapstream – an analysis of a mobile app market
  • Trademob – analytics of mobile app market
  • Swrve – a built-in marketing platform
  • – a universal URL and user URL (content exchange)
  • Adxtracking – an analysis and optimization of advertising
  • AppsFlyer – a calculation and tracking of mobile apps
  • MobileAppTracking– an attribution modeling
  • Adjust – a BI platform for mobile apps
  • Segment – a concentrator of user data


Deep linking


Pop-up notifications

  • Urban Airship – a mobile engagement
  • PushWoosh – unlimited free pop-up notifications
  • Parse – a platform for mobile apps
  • – pop-up notifications
  • Xtify – pop-up notifications for iOS, Android, Windows and Mobile Web
  • mBlox – a mobile engagement
  • Quick Blox – a cloud API back-end for mobile apps
  • MixPanel – mobile analytics
  • Appscend – an “all-in-one” mobile platform
  • Appoxee – a service of pop-up notifications
  • Pushwizard – a service of pop-up notifications and remote event management
  • notiphi – mobile analytics on location basis and a platform for message exchange
  • GameThrive – simple and smart pop-up notifications


Partner programs

  • TradeDoubler – a partner marketing for Europe and Brazil
  • LinkShare – a partner marketing for the USA, Canada and Mexico
  • DGM Pro – a partner marketing for Australia and New Zealand


Websites for mobile apps and target pages

  • Unbounce – a creation, publication and testing of target pages (using patterns of mobile apps)
  • Appsites – a creation of a website for mobile apps
  • ThemeForest (Grizzly Theme) – patterns and themes
  • Appify WP – WordPress themes for iOS and Mac apps
  • Launchrock – a client attraction
  • Mobtizer – a creation of target pages for mobile page advertising
  • PlaceIt – unusual mock-ups and demo videos
  • UsersThink – an enhancement of a target page with a feedback from real users


App Store optimization


Quantity of installs and tracking income

  • App Annie – an app rating, analytics and market investigation
  • Distimo – app analytics and app data
  • AppFigures – mobile app market analytics
  • Mopapp – mobile app market analytics
  • AppBot – App Store reviews



  • HARO (Help A Reporter Out) – engaging journalists and news sources
  • Appromoter – unites developers and press
  • JustReachOut – connection with journalists


Advertising networks

  • iAd – Apple advertising network
  • TapForTap – an advertising network/ free tap exchange
  • Flurry App Circle – a target advertising for mobile apps
  • Chartboost – a platform for mobile games
  • Admob – a monetization and promotion of mobile apps
  • AdColony – a video advertising
  • Vungle – an advertising of mobile apps via video
  • Millenial Media – an advertising and monetization of mobile apps
  • Inneractive – a monetization of mobile apps
  • Airpush – a mobile advertising network
  • Medialets – a media advertising
  • xAd – an advertising and marketing
  • Jumptap – a target mobile advertising
  • Tapgage – a mobile advertising network
  • Appia – an advertising network
  • Apptap – a mobile advertising network
  • Pollfish – an advertising platform for target audience
  • AppFlood – a cross-promotion platform for purchasing, selling and exchanging of mobile traffic
  • StartApp – a mobile advertising


Video ad networks