All the entrepreneurs know that business consumes as much time as you give. And if you do not prioritize, it will consume all your life.

Parallels can be drawn between company and family management. Family is also an important organization. So why not apply the principles of company management in the management of the house?

In today’s article, we will consider the balance of work and life from a new angle.

There are ten business methods applicable in the family management

  1. Identify the key values. Companies do it to have a basement for decision-making. To apply it in the family, choose the key values for a husband and a wife. Make them family values.
  2. Set the main priority. When you say that everything is important, nothing important. Too many companies left the stage because they were trying to provide everything to everyone, wasting energy. Answer the following question: “What one big goal we need to achieve in the next month or two?”. It can be anything from “helping dad to recover” to “spending more time together”. You can use a special prioritization tool and create your family to-do-list here.
  3. Keep your priorities and values ​​in sight. Be sure to mark your values ​​and priorities somewhere. Write them down on paper and hang it on the fridge at home. This piece of paper will remind you about the values of your family every day.
  4. Do not take quick decisions. Companies (and families) tend to make quick decisions under pressure. It’s not necessarily something extremely important – it might be just an overnight guest visit. But these things add the elements of chaos into family life.
  5. Realize the opportunity cost. When a company decides to do one thing, and refuse to do another thing because of this, it is called the opportunity cost.
  6. Determine what can be postponed and what can not. Some tasks may seem important and urgent, but in fact, they can wait.
  7. Do not confuse the long-term strategy with short-term tactics. Do not try to make an important financial decision, while brushing your teeth. Such important issues require time and attention.
  8. Meet and discuss the current issues. Family members should meet once a week and discuss what is happening in the family, what needs to be changed, what’s the priority.
  9. Come out of the “cabinet” from time to time. Most of the businessmen are confident that they can not get out of the routine and look at the work as a whole. But it’s not effective. Parents also need to take leave from their children and family from time to time. Turn off the radio in the car. Go out of town. Stay together. Think about the situation in the family.
  10. Do not be afraid of productive conflict. When directors do not see the possibility of arguing with each other, they lose the ability to make the right decisions and protect them.

Balance of work and life is not what you think

Do you really need to balance work and life? Is this the way to a successful business and harmony?

The phrase “balance of work and life” can be heard everywhere nowadays. But what does it really mean? Incorrectly interpreting this idea, we make wrong conclusions, build erratic behavior and do not get the desired result.

Balance principle

The principle of balance itself is good and correct. We think about how work affects our personal life, relationships with family, quality of life. And it’s correct.


“The balance of work and life” implies that both work and life should be equal. In fact, you need to work to support your full and happy life.

Balance means that work and life are of equal value. Is it true? Is the work really just as important for you as family, health or personal freedom? If it’s not, then trying to balance everything is a dead-end road.

The work is not separated from life. When you’re at work – it is life. And when you’re with your family – it is also life. Work is inseparable from life.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that we get what we want. We want balance – we get to balance. But this notion of balance can be an obstacle to the achievement of your true goals.

Citing the work and life in balance, you do not necessarily achieve the ideal state in business, family, and lifestyle. Balance does not mean that you live as you want to.

The advice in this regard

Forget about balance. Think of the harmonious organization of life. Highlight the core values ​​and protect them. There is no need to balance everything. Just live in accordance with your principles. Redefine the way you make decisions. Many business owners make business decisions, thinking only about their business. It is a mistake. Always be aware of how your decisions will affect the family. Stop looking at your business and personal life as in two separate areas.