Project's Description

The trusted marketplace for the legal cannabis community

Developed By

This project was developed by BlueLabelLabs

The Muncheez team (recently renamed to Vana) approached us to create a novel platform for the burgeoning cannabis industry. They wanted to create a multi-platform experience to connect cannabis users with dispensaries, doctors and brands serving the cannabis community. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, Muncheez sought to educate the world with accurate and helpful marijuana information while connecting people to trusted doctors and any legal marijuana dispensary near them. Being careful to adhere to state and federal law regarding marijuana advertising and distribution, Blue Label Labs worked with the Muncheez team to design and develop a set of customer-facing iOS and Android native apps, along with complementary customer-facing and business-facing web apps. With expertise in building apps that have a DoorDash business model, Blue Label Labs was well-positioned to build the Muncheez marketplace platform.