Healthcare Marketplace Concierge Application

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Healthcare Marketplace Concierge Application

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This project was developed by Expert App Devs


Android ios

The Healthcare Concierge application gives a powerful tool to patients for comparing one surgeon with another so they can find the most qualified to perform their surgery procedure. The platform provides two separate mobile applications for patients and surgeons. From the patient's mobile application, patients can upload records and imaging of their surgery.

Our client came up with a unique idea to develop a full fledged online platform for patients and surgeons. The Expert App Devs provided a dedicated resources team comprising iOS app developers, Android app developers, backend developers and quality assurance engineers which worked for our client and successfully developed a platform 

The Expert App Devs technical team attended various meetings with the client team to understand the business logic of the whole platform. The main problem was to manage the patient data securely and for that our team has made the whole platform HIPAA compliance