Copywriting is a compilation of texts conducive to business development.

Skilfully written texts give you a perfect opportunity to interact with business partners, government agencies, the media, and customers. How? We’ll tell you if you answer the following questions:

  • Is it important for you to inform your potential customers about your products or services in time?
  • Are you striving to interest them by features, advantages, and benefits of your offer?
  • Would you like to convince your customers that cooperation with your company is the best option for them?
  • Do you need the means to entice customers to make an order as soon as possible?

If you’ve ever spent at least 10$ on advertising, then you’ve answered “yes” to all four questions.

We ask these questions to understand your needs and formulate the basic tasks of professional copywriting. Now imagine that all these tasks are successfully implemented:

  • Potential customers know that they can get the products and services they need from you.
  • They call and are interested in consumer features and benefits of your offers.
  • They are sure that your competitors can’t provide them the same products or services as you can.
  • They hurry to make an order.

What do you get? New customers, sales growth, plans to expand the company and a good mood.

Is this possible only due to the copywriting? Of course, not only. The texts of copywriters form the filling and the outer shell is formed by direct sales, service, advertising, PR – everything you do to attract new customers and develop the company. But all these do not work or work inefficiently without copywriting.

You won’t argue that the work of the sales manager is unthinkable without commercial offers and presentations, and advertising in a magazine – without thoughtful advertising module or useful article. TV and radio spots can not be shot without a script and it is not enough to put only the phone number and the company’s name on the billboard. Who needs a website with silly texts about a young and growing company with such phrases as “the section is being filled”. Everything mentioned above shows disrespect to the customer and your own business, lack of the desire to be, if not the best, but at least better then others. Leave such strategies to the competitors, now you are well aware of what allows you to inform your customers better, motivate and persuade them.