It’s getting harder and harder to create mobile apps as competition is growing in all the app stores. Install price continues to grow with a threatening speed in mobile and it concerns everybody, especially game developers.

But still, despite the fact that advertising networks are one of the most important channels of getting users on mobile, there are several free services that can help you to show your app to users. Usually, the services allow developers to exchange users (downloads) with each other.

You’ll find 10 the most popular resources which will help you to show your games to the world via cross-promo in a large developer community in this article.


How does Chartboost work?

They say they have eliminated all the unnecessary units in a developer chain which allows them to transparently work with each other directly. Their philosophy is to help developers to “take control and manage their spreading and monetization strategies without paying to agents”.

They offer promo-tools which allow developers with a game portfolio to advertise them in an existing user base. Direct Deals platforms make it possible for developers to connect with others for cross-promo.

They should have 20 000 users per day in an app to enter the platform which guarantees quality — a frequent problem of indie-developers.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 150 000;
  • platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon;
  • supported formats: native advertising, video, and intermediate advertisements;
  • plugin support: Unity, Cocos2d-x, Adobe Air;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: free cross-promo, Direct-Deals Marketplace with income division.


Tapdaq is the most advanced cross-promo which allows developers to improve their apps via install exchange with other developers or cross-promo in their network.

Tapdaq is based on the idea that individuals who have worked a lot on creating quality apps should have a fair possibility to succeed.

Their platform provides clarity and flexibility which means that developers can see a rate of install quantity they can generate for each other and what advertisement is shown in their apps.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 2 500 (according to 2015 report)
  • platforms: iOS, Android
  • supported formats: native and intermediate advertisements
  • plugin support: Unity
  • monetization possibility: no
  • model: free cross-promo and direct transactions


Nextpeer is an agent of mobile gamers. If you use Nextpeer, you enter a gamers’ network with your game.

Nextpeer community is created from thousands of gamers who play Nextpeer games. The magic is in a social layer that helps to open native advertising, game screenshots in a flow, newsfeed, etc.

The platform also supports PvP competitions, leader lists, chats and push-notifications with specially developed social triggers to motivate gamers to come back to a game.

  • quantity of integrated games: 7 000
  • platforms: iOS, Android, Amazon
  • supported formats: native advertising
  • plugin support: Unity, Cocos2d-x, LibGDX, Adobe Air, GameMaker
  • monetization possibility: for the chosen developers
  • model: freemium model, automatic install exchange in a developer community


Everyplay provides a full solution for acquiring and attracting users with the help of a video. Everyplay provides users a possibility to record and share the best moments of games via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a growing Everyplay community for game videos.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 1 425;
  • platforms: iOS, Android;
  • supported formats: Unity video advertisements;
  • plugin support: Unity, Cocos2d;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: free.


Vungle products provide the necessary infrastructure for app monetization via video advertisements.

  • quantity of integrated games: 5 000 app developers;
  • platforms: iOS, Android;
  • supported formats: video advertisements;
  • plugin support: Unity, Cocos2d, Adobe Air, Corona;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: eCPM

Tap for Tap

Tap for Tap is a user exchange with other developers on a tap market, cross-promo apps in an own network, or an auction on exclusive conditions.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 30 000;
  • platforms: iOS, Android;
  • supported formats: intermediate, banners and stimulating (with rewards);
  • plugin support: Unity, Adobe Air, Corona, Titanium, Basic4Android;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: free cross-promo, Tap credits, and a share from advertising income.


It’s a free app promotion exchange community. Tappx is a developer community and free promo is carried out among the apps.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 3 000;
  • platforms: iOS, Android;
  • supported formats: intermediate, banners and native advertisements;
  • plugin support: Unity, Adobe Air, Cocos2d, Titanium, PhoneGap;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: free cross-promo with tappx credits


AppFlood is a program mobile advertising platform. It uses smart algorithms for showing correct advertisements to mobile users so that advertisers and brands maximize ROI and publishers increase income.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 82 000;
  • platforms: iOS, Android;
  • supported formats: Splash Screen, intermediate, video, native advertisements, and offer walls;
  • plugin support: no;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: income division


Xplode allows getting quality users via the first real platform of native app launches. Increases the number of users and involvement in each app due to attracting the most qualified people valuable for you.

  • quantity of integrated apps: 600 (according to 2014 publications);
  • platforms: iOS;
  • supported formats: native advertisements;
  • plugin support: no;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: free


It’s a toolset for developers of apps for children with constant access to a secure for children cross-promo and involvement tools.

  • quantity of integrated apps: unknown;
  • platforms: iOS;
  • supported formats: video, native advertisements;
  • plugin support: Unity;
  • monetization possibility: yes;
  • model: use and promotion in free apps only.