Tabita Outlet Case Study

The Project

Life is too short to wear the same boring clothes every day. So why not make the most of fashion to express your true self? Especially when it comes at ridiculously low prices!

That’s the story behind Tabita, a fashion outlet with a history of 23 years in the retail industry of Cluj-Napoca. They’ve built their reputation through several brick-and-mortar stores, but the rise of an online store was both necessary and inevitable. That’s how they ended up selling famous brand wear at affordable prices nationwide.


We had to draw attention to fashion enthusiasts and cover their needs, which can be a lengthy process. However, the main focus was on their behaviour since they basically spend 24 hours a week online.

That meant creating a completely new experience for the fashionistas by blending the best e-commerce design and development practices with a fail-proof marketing strategy.


Our main goal was to perk up the website in a way that properly reflects the potential of a renowned brand from Cluj-Napoca. A whole new level of online presence was charted in order to take things to the next level and enable the business to serve an entire country.

Work added: 22.10.20