Local Jobs Case Study

The Project

Local Jobs has one mission: to create perfect matches between jobs and people.

It’s a bold statement for this modern age, but nothing can hold back a passionate team. These days the process of job hunting is no longer sneaker-powered so everything started with their website. Then they made the recruitment process easy for everyone, they brought competitive deals into play and the ground was laid for a fully-fledged business.

Online recruitment services have been around for a while now and so have the big players that lead the industry. That meant creating a platform that was at least as appealing as the as anything advertised by the competition. On top of that, it had to be focused on usability, maximum engagement and top-notch customization.


We started this project with a primary target in mind: to engineer a website that is effective specifically for Local Jobs. In other words, the main focus was on what they have to offer, in comparison to traditional recruitment platforms. That meant a highly complex back-end structure and an engaging, user-friendly design.

Work added: 22.10.20