Tom Morkes has written an article for all those who want to increase leads, sales and revenue steadily and firmly.

What’s growth hacking and why do you need it?

A term “Growth hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis in 2010. It means a skill set somewhere in between marketer and engineer, a person who can imagine creative ways to increase and grow business and who have technical

As for a growth hacker, it’s a person who can find opportunities and use them to grow a business (increasing leads, sales, revenue and so on). And a growth hack is a method, process or technique for making the growth happen.

Tom Morkes offers 10 easy but extremely useful growth hacks that can be implemented in 1 hour.

Not all of them may apply to you as each of them was designed for a specific case.


1. More leads and sales (the LinkedIn Email Blast Technique)

If you have a newly-launched service/product and you need to increase leads and sales quickly, enter: The LinkedIn Email Blast Technique.

It’s an easy and fast possibility to get to potentially lucrative business demographic (your LinkedIn audience).

Here are 2 options:

1: Manual export and email

  • Export contacts from LinkedIn.
  • Adjust the CSV file if needed.
  • Upload the CSV to an email service provider.
  • Create a template.
  • Send it!



2: Automate with a CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool for managing contacts.

Some solutions (like Contactually) allow to automatically integrate LinkedIn into your contact list. Then, select LinkedIn from the contact list and everybody imported via LinkedIn will be shown.

A better variant is to batch send the emails to ensure that they will reach the necessary destination. And if you want, track emails to get information on clicks, responds and so on.


2. More customers (The Hotmail Technique)

Those who tend to read online marketing and sales strategies may know this hack.

The Hotmail Technique was named after a well-known email provider’s use of marketing its service every time someone sent an email.

There’s a message at the end of each email sent with the help of Hotmail:

“PS. I love you. Get your free Hotmail account” linking back to Hotmail which gives people an incentive to get their free email account.

Andrew Gale says that it was “the original growth hack…before growth hacking was even a thing.”

How to use it?

Include a link to your website in your products/services.

For example, add a link to your website on documents, images and pdfs that are shared the most or automatically create an affiliate link for users who sign up and include it every time someone uses the software.


3. More subscribers (The Drawbridge Technique)

During the middle ages, there were feudal lords who ruled from a central castle.

Castles were quite similar: several main buildings surrounded by walls and a moat. But there also was a way for people to move/out in if necessary – a drawbridge.

Let’s imagine that a nowadays castle and moat is a website. Then what’s a drawbridge? An optin box, a place where people leave their emails in order to get access.

How to use it?

  • Create a single page optin box for your website (you can choose a free variant like AppSumo’s Interrupt WordPress Plugin or a paid one)
  • Force people to give their email addresses or give them some incentive to optin.


4. More subscribers (The Original Lead Capture Method)

It’s all about popups. It’s the oldest and the best growth hack.

Create a popup optin box for your website to quickly and easily make subscribers out of visitors.

How to use it?

  • Install a popup plugin on your website. Take a look at examples.
  • Set it up to offer a free optin bonus.


5. Increase sales (The Emergency Sales Technique)

Marketing and sales specialists know how important urgency is for sales.

To increase scarcity is one of many ways to create urgency and you can do it by setting a time limit for your product or service. It’s very essential to show your potential clients how much time is left.

How to use?

  • Set a time limit for a product or a service that you sell.
  • Inform your potential clients about the time limit.
  • Add a countdown timer (learn more here).


6. More subscribers (The Hyper-Targeted Upsell Technique)

Bootstrappers who sell products/services online know that guest blog posting is one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to get more audience.

Choose a website with a necessary audience, create a blog post for them and when it’s published, people will go to your website.

When the traffic comes, create an additional valuable piece of content which is a valuable part of that published as a guest post.

How to use?

  • Make a bonus part for each guest post (e.g. checklists, swipe files, a case study and so on).
  • Create a clear and precise call to action at the end of your post. Use something to collect email addresses before you give the upsell.
  • Create an optin with the help of Gumroad’s Pay What You Want feature. It’s a delivering system for your product if customers take it for free. Use Zapier to automatically curate emails into a marketing service software that you use.


7. More leads and sales (The Giveaway Method)

Noah Kagan is a genius behind AppSumo, a company that offers daily deals for businesses and entrepreneurs. He tested out a lifetime giveaway of Dropbox to build their email list. It cost approximately $60,000 but in several days they got 250,000 new subscribers and $40,000 in sales.

How to use?

  • Create your giveaway.
  • Promote it and share.


8. Close more sales (The Guaranteed Response Method)

There are situations when you need somebody to reply emails because it’s bad when the first email is left without an answer. The truth is: people are busy and they need a reminder… but remembering about sending one isn’t a way out.

The Guaranteed Response Method is. It makes people respond to you or ignore you.

How to use?

  • Install (free) for Gmail.
  • Click ‘rebump’ at the bottom of your email to get a response.
  • Wait for reply.


9. Automate your sales funnel (The Ultimate Twitter Machine)

The Ultimate Twitter Machine  automates your Twitter growth and turns followers into email subscribers.

How to use?

  • Automate audience engagement on Twitter using
  • Turn Twitter followers into email subscribers with the help of
  • Set up an autoresponder to turn subscribers into sales.


10. Automate your sales funnel (The Advanced Autopilot Sales Technique)

So you have started turning Twitter followers into a website or blog subscribers.

The Advanced Autopilot Sales Technique will create an automatic sales funnel via an autoresponder email sequence and appropriate upsells.

The solution: The Advanced Autopilot Sales Technique.

How to use?

  • Compile an email list from an email marketing service provider (use Mailchimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, etc.)
  • Choose the premier product you want to sell.
  • Create a series of emails to ignite interest among your readers.
  • Integrate these emails into an autoresponder on your email marketing service provider.
  • Develop unique autoresponder upsells for each product/service that you offer you have.