Landing pages serve conversion. It’s totally true if we talk about B2C as sales there are instant and direct. As for B2B, it’s not so fast and click-throughs is a better landing page metric. So, a landing page is an efficient way for a software vendor to generate leads, not to convert sales.

This article presents 6 tips how you can create an effective landing page. Skip one or two of them and you risk to lose your prospects’ trust.

1. One main message

Your landing page should have only one message. Your goal. All the rest should enhance it.

But we don’t say that you you shouldn’t tell about other offers. You can do it but as an addition to the main offer. For example, a case study of a satisfied client complements a free trial offer. But pay attention to another important moment: a downloadable report may distract attention from your main offer. The key thing here is to concentrate on your goal.

Divide your message between a compelling headline and body. The headline should display prospects and benefits. The body shouldn’t tell the same, though, it should explain specific benefits.

Also, make the body short and clear. Break long sentences and paragraphs into smaller pieces by using blurbs, bullet lists and violators.


2. Clear Call To Action

Make sure that you have a clear CTA button, leading prospects to fulfil a goal of your landing page. The lower right corner is considered to be the best place for CTAs as it’s usually the last place our eyes see. So, we should encourage our prospects to click on a CTA to reach the goal we’ve set.

Avoid writing “free trial”. Be more specific about the action and create a sense of urgency: “subscribe,” “get,” or “enjoy” will be much better.


3. Trust seals

Trust seals are a mark of approval granted by a credible third party, which increases user trust in your brand. It ensures prospects that the company has been verified and found to follow certain industry standards. For example, McAfee and BBB.

Trust seals can also tell your clients that the online platform is secured from hacks and guarantees privacy. Norton is the most popular here.

A specialist trust seal concentrates on a specific industry or a set of products. The peculiarity of the seal is that it knows the specific character of a niche. Seeing a trust seal like the Verified Quality Seal is like consulting a unique specialist doctor.

You can request the quality seal here.


4. Testimonial quotes

Testimonial quotes will help you to convince prospects to make the right decision. They shouldn’t only show the greatness of your offer but also to empathize with their situation. It’s essential to make them understand that you know their situation and they’ll be more relaxed and attentive. Use testimonials that tell about how your solution helped to improve and enhance your clients’ businesses.

There are 2 ways how you can get testimonials:

  1. Look through your social mentions and pick out the best ones.
  2. Ask for them from your happy clients and give them a small bonus: a free month of subscription or something else.

Use only the most appealing apart, 10 words in order not to clutter your landing page.


5. Show your social media page links

Social media page links (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter), along with trust seals and testimonials, are like a social proof that affect your credibility.

Add social media buttons on your landing page for your prospects to see that other people already know and trust you. It’s a crowd mentality: when we see others do something, we are more relaxed to do the same thing.


6. Be transparent about privacy and policy

Be prepared that prospects will doubt your offer when they are at your landing page. Add privacy and policy links on your landing page to make them feel less anxious. Be open and transparent.