According to the latest and relevant news, the current year will become the time of social startups. We have analyzed the statistics from StartupTrendsIndex made by KPMG enterprise, where we found the most demand startup industries for 2018.

Number one is a people’s choice

The first place is taken by consumer goods startups. It was not unexpectedly – this sphere is considered to be the leader of five past years. As usual, it includes the services of goods delivery, websites for online orders and the production of some kinds of goods (clothes, shoes, household wares, etc.). It is actually obvious that consumer goods is the most demand industry: people need new goods and more new goods, so it would never be enough in this sphere – appetites are growing!

Number two – make me interested right now!

The second place in startup rating is also not a big surprize – it is media and entertainment industry. It is attractive for new companies and platforms because it is very easy to track which trends are picked up by users most actively. People are very sensitive to everything that concerns the entertainment sphere, and they zestfully try something new in order to compare it to the previous sources, programs, places or other things. So it is a fertile territory for startups to become successful and demand.

Number three – it is the time to treat

The third place is able to astonish – it is the medical sphere, healthcare and life science industries. The tasks in modernizing the processes of disease research, checking the body state and preventing dangerous conditions are solved by creating useful and necessary products in this area. In fact, such a trend is considered to be one of the most positive things! Keep going!


To sum up, the other spheres startups are not going to fade away – but it is just the current statistics, and perhaps everything can change at any time. For example, cryptocurrencies or exchange trading businesses would make a hit and become a fresh area for startups – who knows! Anyway, we will observe it and make our own predictions.