If you want to start your business in ecommerce, you should stay on top of trending products. It can be a complicated task, trends are often changing, and your desired niche can be already filled with competitors.

We gathered for you the top 12 of trending products for 2020 that can be key products for your new business or a relevant addition to your store. As we said in our previous post, niche stores are the best solution for business creation, so our today’s tips will also be about niche products. 

The chosen products have high Gross Merchandise Value and are the most popular on AliExpress and Oberlo (well-known dropshipping platforms, free for Shopify store owners). 

Top 12 trending products in 2020

#1. Pet bed

pet bed


We know that pet owners adore their little friends; that’s why products for pets are in demand. Look at Google Trends: the keyword “dog bed” shows high results.


dog bed

Interest in “dog bed” over past 5 years

Source: Google Trends

It is an interesting fact, but cat owners search for “cat bed” much less frequently.

You can sell pet beds in your pet store and also through visual platforms, Pinterest and Instagram. On Pinterest, you can join pet groups and show your products to everyone who is looking for funny or nice pictures with pets. On Instagram, you can partner with pages devoted to pets, and they will promote your products to their audience.

#2. One-size sofa and couch cover

couch cover


Such kind of cover is popular among different groups: it is useful for pet owners, families with children, and those who rent their houses on Airbnb and other platforms. Sofa and couch covers protect furniture from dirt and dust, it is more profitable to change covers than to change or repair sofas and couches.

As Statista says, the popularity of this kind of product increases every year, and it will generate revenue of about $45M by 2023. If you want to attract pet owners or families with children, you should use Facebook and other social channels. But if you want to work with Airbnb hosts, you should take into account geolocation data. If the most touristic places are California, Hawaii, and Florida, your target market will be there.

#3. Minimalist jewelry

Minimalist jewelry


Minimalism became a popular trend in the last years. This applies to interior design, clothes, jewelry, and all parts of life. Google Trends confirm that a growing number of people are interested in this kind of jewelry. 


minimalist jewelry

Interest in “minimalist jewelry” over past 5 year

Source: Google Trends

Despite the demand for the product, there are just a few jewelry businesses available. So if you choose this kind of product to sell, you won’t have a lot of competitors. To popularize your products, you should use social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. They are a perfect solution to search for trending products, so numerous fashionistas will see your products. 

If you want to get more attention and sales than other jewelry stores, you should present more than photos of your product to your customers; use videos to develop trust and add interaction. Customers will be able to consider jewelry in detail; they will spend more time on your page, so the probability of purchases will increase. 

#4. Beard straightener

Beard straightener


Barber Shops and men’s grooming have been at the top for the past several years. According to Statista, the value of the men’s grooming industry was about $60.6Bn in 2018, and it can grow up to $81.2Bn in 2024. 

There are a lot of goods in this industry (specialized shampoo, styling products, combs), but beard straighteners are the most promising ones. Both Google Trends and Ahrefs show it is a popular search query (37K results per month). 


Beard straightener

Interest in “minimalist jewelry” over past 5 year

Source: Google Trends

To get more customers, you should use keywords with high purchase intent, for example, “buy men’s beard straightener”. Also, you can use SEO-oriented keywords and content. For instance, you can write a post “How to straighten a beard” or make a video tutorial.

In this case, educational content also works, because more and more customers are searching for tips on how to use these tools to look good. So, tell them what kind of comb is the best for a beard, how to fix the beard, etc. This way, you will have a lot of customers on your website.

#5. Shapewear



Shapewear is also one of the most popular products, the sales of which have been increasing over the last three years. Shapewear is no more the undergarment, but a trending everyday wear.

Shapewear includes a lot of products with different styles that can help women to make a more slimming silhouette. You also can wear shapewear under the clothes with cuts or as a top with pants and skirts. 

You can add shapewear to your store of women’s clothes or lingerie. You can find shapewear in different colors, styles, and sizes. For example, it can be high-waist shapewear with seamless design. 

#6. Backpack



A backpack has always been a popular product. Statista forecasts that global backpack sales will grow up to $22.5 Bn in 2023.

To achieve really high sales, you should choose your target market and offer them what they need: children’s backpacks, backpacks for students or adults. 

If you are planning to sell in your store children’s backpacks, you should orient your marketing strategy on their parents. So, create ads on Instagram and Pinterest. You should be ready to advertise your lower prices in August, when all backpack sellers are starting their “back to school” company. 

In case you have backpacks for students or adults, you can use partnerships with Instagram influencers. A backpack for adults is a year-round product, so you can successfully sell it all the time.

#7. Post workout massage guns

Post workout massage guns


Massage guns appeared and became popular in the summer of 2019, and today they are still trending.


massage guns

Interest in “post workout massage guns” over past 5 year

Source: Google Trends

This is a hand-held device that helps gym visitors to relax their muscles.

If you want to sell massage guns, you should use interactive advertising on Instagram and create video content. It is an actively growing trend, so you can turn to Instagram influencers: their stories and posts with your products will attract new customers to your store. Fitness gurus and workout enthusiasts make different kinds of content interesting for their followers: from workout tips to videos featuring training or sports must-haves.

You can focus on a certain niche in sports, say, runners, or CrossFit athletes. So, you should demonstrate the advantages of massage with these guns, and your sales will increase. A healthy lifestyle and workout do not lose relevance, so your products will also be trending.

#8. Plaid hoodie

Plaid hoodie


The plaid clothing and accessories stayed trendy for a long time, and they don’t give up. If you want to create an apparel business and are not afraid of competitors on the clothing market, you should try to create and sell plaid hoodies.

There are about 1,900 searches of “plaid hoodie” in a month, and the keyword difficulty is rather low. A plaid hoodie is a profitable niche product, so you can focus on it, develop your marketing strategy, and sell well! 

#9. Smartwatches



Watchers are very popular. Every year about 1.2 Bn watches are sold all over the world. As a rule, the hottest season for selling smartwatches is December, but you can try to motivate your customers to buy this kind of accessories all year round and add interesting summer models to your store. 

You should use Instagram and Facebook as the main channels to develop your business. If you build partnerships with Social Network influencers, you can get a lot of purchases: influencers make attractive pictures whenever they go, and people like to review them.

So, you should try to start your business selling Bluetooth smartwatches that provide different features: a built-in camera, calendar, sound recorder, step counter, sleep monitor, etc.

#10. Baby carrier

Baby carrier


Minimalistic lifestyle is becoming popular, more and more people are trying to use convenient and simple things in their everyday routine. It is about childcare too. Strollers are large and inconvenient while walking and shopping, so parents more frequently choose small harnesses for their infants and babies. This way, compact baby carriers are trending, and soon they will be on top of the search.

To attract your target market, you can use Facebook and Instagram advertising, post your products on Amazon and Google Shopping (if you are ready to share a part of your profit). Also, you can create partnerships with parents groups in your city and distribute your discount flyers to them. 

#11. Athleisure



Athleisure is something between workout, clothing, and minimalism. This is the hottest trend of the last two years, and it is about making life more simple and convenient. Athleisure means a tendency when activewear is worn not only to the gym but as an everyday look. Athleisure includes hoodies, sweatpants, leggings, tank tops, shoes, headbands, etc.

You can add this kind of clothing to your fashion store or create a new store that will cover athleisure style. In this way, you also can complement your products with different fitness accessories, yoga mats, bottles for water, and so on.

Mainly women will be your target customers for athleisure, so you need to create visual content on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, as these are the places where women look for inspiration and trending products.

Don’t forget about influencers: several photos with your clothes will increase your store’s popularity. Also, you can invite influencers as designers of your athleisure and use their names in your advertising.

#12. Mesh shoes

mesh shoes


This trend is closely related to the previous one, athleisure. So, mesh shoes are not only running shoes but also everyday shoes if you wear athleisure. You can integrate these products and sell them both in your online store. Tips for selling mesh shoes will be the same as for athleisure: content on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, partnerships with influencers.

In addition to the audience who likes to wear convenient wear and shoes, you can find your target market in the food and service industries: they spend a lot of time on their feet, so they need lightweight shoes.

We hope we inspired you with our trending products list, and you will choose something interesting for your business. Trending products is just one part of the puzzle, and the way how to sell them is another one. Work with influencers, create visual content on social media, and look for our new posts with helpful tips for ecommerce!