Real Estate Insurance Workflow Automation Service Development

Client and Business Goal

The Guarantors is a New York-based fintech business focused on building innovative insurance and accounting solutions for commercial and residential real estate companies and tenants.

The client’s business revolved around overcoming domain-specific niche challenges. Namely, they were looking to stimulate the rental market growth by guaranteeing leases for those who don’t meet certain financial standards regarding income level or credit history.

Aiming at unlocking more leasing opportunities for a wider audience at a short period, the client required an efficient platform to automate lease guarantee and deposit replacement routines. The service they had in place didn’t live up to their performance demands, so the client needed a reliable contractor to entrust the sophisticated tech revamping project.

With custom insurance software solutions development being AIS Novations’ strong suit, the team made it to win over the client’s favor by demonstrating its core expertise within the specified area.
Work added: 07.12.21