ETL Development for Financial Data Synchronization

Client and Business Goal:
A US-based prime small-business insurance provider contracted Symfa to conduct modernization of the complex software enabling work of over 5,000 employees. For a year now, the distributed team composed of Symfa's and client’s engineers has been doing monolith decoupling, legacy support, and a bunch of ETL, data management and analytics projects.

The Symfa team embarked on the project to streamline the data flow between Oracle ERP and client’s custom made DWH sitting on the SQL server. The ERP connects to the data sources feeding raw data. The data is then extracted and transformed using the ETL tools of the client’s choice – one for the extraction and one for the transformation jobs, given the complexity and volume of the client’s data. The transformed cleansed data is loaded into the data warehouse where financial analysts of the client’s can get it to build the reports using paid/custom made visualization tools or simply Excel.

Our engineers leave the data for the client’s team in the data staging area from where they take it to proceed with the transformation (verification, counting, deduplication) and load parts of the ETL process. Both teams have their own areas of responsibility and use their respective data management tools. Such a cooperation model in no way isolates the team members – both teams enable an organic data flow and provide each other with extra support whenever it is needed. The ready-to-go data is then sorted out and stored in the data warehouse where data analysts of the client’s may get it to create custom financial reports. Thus, the engineers established a strong custom connection to synchronize high importance financial data.
Work added: 07.12.21, edited: 10.07.23