Elevating U.S. healthcare logistics by leveraging the scale and efficiency of modern ridesharing.

RelayRIDE is an application built to seamlessly manage sedan transportation for workers’ compensation claims.

It makes it easy for One Call to schedule, manage and review transportation for insurance companies’ injured workers.

As a multi-platform application, RelayRIDE has injured worker & administrative apps developed for iOS and Android and Web platforms. RelayRIDE is poised to change the industry because it’s easy to use and provides transparency where there previously was none.
RelayRIDE, an on-demand. non-emergency Sedan transportation solution in an exclusive partnership with Lyft. Built as a Minimal Viable Product. it was quickly absorbed by the organization and now runs 50% of the transport business at One Call.

Key features:

Eliminates wait time, rush fees, and mileage minimums Reduced the average trip cost by 40% Multi-Tenant Application to optimize investment cost 24/7 active trip monitoring An easy-to-use desktop app iOS and Android mobile app for patients

Technologies Used:

EC2 with ASG (Auto Scaling Groups), SNS (Simple Notification Service), SQS (Simple Queue Service)

Amazon Connect and Polly, SES (Simple Email Service)

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), EBS (Elastic Block Store),
RDS, Redis ElastiCache

IAM (Identity & Access Management), CloudCheckr and AWS Trusted Advisor

Work added: 28.09.20