JBilling open source billing platform enhancements


Established in 2002, jBilling Software Ltd., is one of the first companies in the world to offer an open-source enterprise system. Based in Canada, jBilling takes advantage of the most up to date technologies and has become known for its innovative solutions and the ability to customize the product to suit differing needs.


The client wanted to enhance its existing open source billing platform by incorporating new features and enhancing its existing features. Following were the main requirements of the system:
Adding new features to the jBilling without modifying its core.

Implementing multiple pricing models for the merchants.

Implementing time-based promotion of the products on the platform.

Enhancing the billing process to incorporate suborders.

Capturing customers data for analytics.

Transformation of CDR data for analytics.


After understanding the client’s requirements, we developed the following solutions:

New features were added as plugins to the jBilling.

Strategy based multiple pricing models were implemented for the merchants.

Customizable promotion strategies were designed and implemented.

Billing process was enhanced to incorporate suborders.

A service was written to transform the CDR data and to store it in hbase for analytics.

Work added: 29.09.20