No one says a startup is easy. However, no one claims that learning to be successful in managing startups is something unreachable.

Constant learning is what makes entrepreneurs successful and make them move forward. Luckily, today there are many variants to learn from smart leaders and experts. A podcast is one of the great ways to get actionable insights and tips on growing startups.

In this post, we combine 10 dest startup podcasts relevant for 2019 reality. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

What is the power of podcasts?

Professional books, insightful blogs, conferences, mentors and entrepreneur events are the traditional paths to enrich the knowledge base. Podcasts are also becoming the primary source of learning. 

A podcast is a type of audio content, usually consisting of a series of episodes that can be downloaded from the Internet. The term, which was first mentioned in 2004, means “iPod” plus “broadcast”.

Business podcasts used to be a niche type of content, but then they quickly broke out into the mainstream. There are interesting statistics, claiming that people are 5 times more likely to listen to a podcast every week than to visit the cinema every week.

Startup founders around the world highlight that podcasts are getting better and more accessible. So what podcasts are the most relevant and useful?

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10 best startup podcasts for people involved

How I Built This

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The first podcast in our list includes interviews with founders and innovators about how they built some of the most iconic and fascinating world companies. You’ll learn the outstanding cases and insights from WeWork, VICE, Chipotle, Whole Foods, and more famous companies, compiled in a single podcast.

This tech podcast will be really useful for the people working on startups, who are interested in how some of the best companies got their start and made it to where they are today.

Traction: How Startups start

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The authors of Traction propose a podcast about the creative, brilliant and odd ways that startup founders get success in the early days of their businesses.

This compelling startup podcast contains interviews with founders, executives, mass media members and investors.  

Masters of Scale

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Masters of Scale is considered to be one of the best podcasts out there for startup founders. This audio set is perfectly suited for anyone who is trying to succeed in creating a high-growth business.

Listening to this business podcast, you’ll dive into interviews with Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Peter Thiel (PayPal) and other leaders of some of the most valuable companies in the world.

These interviews offer specific tips and best practices for anyone looking to grow their company.

Inside Intercom

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Intercom also proposes great podcasts not only for its users but for everyone who wants to improve their skills and knowledge regarding building outstanding startups.

This podcast shares Intercom’s knowledge of how to run and work in a high-growth organization. Here you will find practical tips for a variety of positions, from designers to developers. Inside Intercom presents something for everyone.

Founder Coffee

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The series of interesting podcasts to gain new exciting insights into how a startup works and how you can approach different roles in a growing business.

The co-founder of Salesflare J. Corthout has coffee-meetings with different startup founders every three weeks. They discuss learnings, passions, life issues and everything that can discover the person’s potential behind the company.

Rework Fm

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Rework is not only a famous bestselling book, but it’s also an engaging podcast. 

Basecamp is well known for its software solution for product management. Its podcast explores the more contradictory methods on how to run a successful business and how to implement the ways to work. You’ll get useful tips from Basecamp’s co-founders and other business leaders.

Startups for the Rest of Us

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This podcast is focused specifically on the software industry, however, it can be useful for everyone. 

This audio show provides tips and strategies that specific employees of any company can put into practice.

Entrepreneur on Fire

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Entrepreneurs On Fire is an impressive podcast for anyone wanting to stay updated with the latest business headlines.

The podcast provides founders with inspiration and strategies to “fire up” their entrepreneurial paths and reach new heights. More than 2000 interviews are available there. Get real insights from Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Barbara Corcoran, and more incredible entrepreneurs.

The Tim Ferriss Show

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Tim Ferriss is a well-known entrepreneur and investor. He is also a best-selling author, who offers a great value in his podcast. 

This podcast is one of the most-downloaded business podcasts in the world. You’ll listen to the stories of diverse and fascinating groups of people from other businesses and get tips and tricks on how to successfully build a startup.

How to Build a Rocketship

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Listening to this weekly podcast, you’ll discover new aspects of managing startups. You’ll get development tips and advice on how to find and convert your customers.


It’s not always easy for startup founders to find time for consuming content and finding inspiration in the actions of others. However, knowledge of the market helps to outsmart rivals and massive multinationals.

That’s why podcasts look useful. You can consume them within your existing routine without needing to carve out some extra time. Listen to startup podcasts in a car, at home, in the shower or wherever you like.

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