Virtual Marketplace Platform For Manufacturer
10000 $ 6 months

1. Key Features
- Web-based and mobile-based
- Connect interested buyers with vendors who manufacture and distribute spare parts.
- Display vital information including request, pricing, quantity, 3D demos, etc
- Automatic notification sent to vendors about new buyer requests.

2. Technical Stack
- Mobile application: Cross-platform React Native
- Web-based: ReactJS

3. Overview
The client is a South Korean start-up. Their main product is a virtual marketplace that connects interested buyers and sellers, helping them trade mechanical spare parts.

The solution must act as a dynamic and informative platform that presents buyer requests (shape, size, quantity) while simultaneously allowing sellers and manufacturers to look for potential customers and make biddings.

4. Challenge
The first challenge is building a scalable solution to host a growing number of users and future added features.

The second challenge lies in maintaining effective and frictionless communication between the vendor and the client, especially the latter’s back-end team.

This is the first time our client has worked with an outsourced vendor, hence both sides encountered a lot of challenges in communication and, especially, project management.

5. Solution
We established a team of 2 app developers, 2 web developers, and 2 QC engineers to develop solutions for the two platforms simultaneously.

In terms of communication issues, we openly discussed with our clients to find a solution. Our PM offered consultancy and continuous support relating to project management.

We advised our clients on effective management strategies, such as logging requirements and communicating.

6. Impact
We have built an online marketplace platform that bridges the gap between consumers and sellers. It provides both sides with information about the product in question (shape, size, quantity, 3D demo, etc) and allows for open bidding.

We also ensure optimized functionality for both mobile and desktop devices. The project’s success also lies in the consultancy value GEM offers. We have provided helpful insights into project management and assisted our client in cooperating with an outsourced vendor.

7. Looking for an IoT expert?
GEM Corporation is an IT Outsourcing company experienced in developing IoT-based applications. We have worked on developing IoT projects for various Japanese corporations across industries.

Our domain expertise includes Finance, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Retails, Logistics, etc

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Work added: 10.08.23