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15000 $

Build and design a new SaaS email service

15000 $
This is an Elixir project.


A new approach to email service. Email services are broken, we aim to fix the problems you have with email and the companies who run those services.

I'm looking to launch a new email service. After years of using Gmail and I switched to Hey. After the recent fall out with the folks at Basecamp I'd like to launch my own email service so I don't have to change email addresses again. I run another SaaS app currently and would like to find someone to take the lead on design/development while I steer the ship.

Email with ethics.

*We will treat you with respect and dignity in our interactions
*We will work to make sure your email address is never an embarassment
*We will protect your data and your privacy
*We will never read your emails
*We will not allow anyone to spy on or track you
*We will not allow harassment or threats of any kind
*We will never surrender your data without a court order
*We will never sell your email data to ad companies

You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:

*What experience do you have designing web sites?
*Please send some examples of your design style.
*Include a link to your GitHub profile and/or website
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