MVP Development of Money Transfer System Client Apps

The client engaged AIS Novations to help them update the mobile client app for their money transfer system based on blockchain. We started with code refactoring to fix bugs in the older app version. The cooperation continued when the client decided to create a new MVP of mobile and web apps. The goal was to ensure quicker data reconciliation, batching, collection, and storage among others.

The critical requirement to the mobile app was to ensure:
- Secure encryption with personal data remaining confidential during transactions.
- Load time within four seconds when a stable internet connection is available.


We used React Native to develop a cross-platform app, while React.js was used to build an engaging and high-performance UI layer. We also performed face-lifting of the web-portal and provided step-by-step documentation for test automation. The mobile app MVP features the following improvements:
- All notifications are located in one place: operations, new receipts, payment requests, and promotional offers.
- Full-text search delivers matches from all app modules, including operations, transaction history, etc.
- The payment request form has prefilled-in fields.
Important messages are highlighted to draw immediate attention.
Work added: 26.05.21, edited: 06.12.21