Corney & Barrow

Corney & Barrow is a renowned wine producer from Great Britain with over 240 years of history and is the largest wine merchant in multiple countries throughout the world. The client opened branches in Singapore and Hong Kong and needed an additional website with online catalogs to enable both wholesale and retail buyers from Asia to order their products.

The team’s scope of work encompassed the development of two websites with the admin panel from scratch. Their challenge specifically included solution implementation based on ASP.NET, the Excel synchronization for import of products database, integration with Dropbox to enable data exchange, and other customized features.


- Developed a web application design based on the client’s mockups.
- Added a filtering system allowing for product search by price, grape, or wine type.
- Set up a shared folder for product line updating and uploading.
- Installed plugins and created widgets for the implementation of additional specific features outside the standard scope.
- Implemented a multi-site portal system that addresses differences in currencies, prices, product lines, office addresses, etc.

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Work added: 26.05.21