Study: Ride-Hailing Could Have a Deterrent Effect on Sexual Assault

Ride-hailing is one of the most dominant transportation modes in many cities all over the world. Now there is no need to wave a hand to taxicabs to get picked up. 

Even if you have your own car, you will use ride-hailing to be free from driving after drinking and in other cases.
However, along with their exponential growth, such companies as Uber and Lyft have had to endure a number of criticisms. For example, there were incidents where their drivers committed sexual assault or other crimes. 
The new research conducted recently provides a surprising finding: ride-hailing reduces the occurrences of sexual assault.
According to the research, the more Uber pickups take place in a neighborhood, the less likely it is for a rape incident to be reported in the same area. 
The in-depth analysis reveals more exciting insights: ride-hailing contributes to a greater reduction in rape cases in areas and situations where the transport supply rarely meets the demand.
This all actually helps potentially vulnerable victims by moving them to their homes or other safe places as quickly as possible.