New Macs Will Run iOS Apps But Some of Them Will Not Be Available

Apple has recently confirmed that ARM Macs will be able to run any iOS app. However, things will not be as easy as they may seem.

Apple Silicon Macs will be featured with the same processors as iPhone and iPad. That is why Apple will allow downloading and installing iOS apps on these Macs even if the developer doesn’t offer a specific version of the app for macOS.
Theoretically, all the applications designed for the iPhone and iPad will be available on the Mac App Store from an Apple Silicon Mac. However, multiple apps will be missing. 
The company will let developers opt their iOS apps out of the new unified store (although by default all iOS apps are available on the Mac App Store for Apple Silicon). Some iOS app developers have already chosen not to offer their apps on the Mac App Store to Apple Silicon Mac owners,  at least for now.
If you are going to watch YouTube on your new Mac with a native app, then you will not have a chance. Google has decided not to offer most of its apps on the Apple Silicon platform, and this also includes Google Drive, Google Maps, and Gmail apps. 
Facebook has also chosen not to include its iOS apps on the Mac App Store. Such popular games as Real Racing 3 or Candy Crush will not be available there either. 
“Designed for iPad. Not verified for macOS” - this is the message that users will find on the App Store for compatible iOS apps.
In case the app is not compatible, the App Store will propose users to download it on an iPhone or iPad.