Apple is Switching Macs to Its Own Processors

Officially, Apple is moving to its own chips for some of its Mac hardware. Tim Cook has called this fact a “historic day for the Mac”. The CEO has recently announced the transitions to PowerPC, Mac OS X, and the move to Intel chips before unveiling its plans to use Apple’s own ARM-powered silicon in Macs in the future.

The company is going to release the first Mac with Apple silicon at the end of this year. It is expected that the transition will take two years. 
Apple also introduced 3 new Macs powered by the chip: a MacBook Air laptop, a new 13-inch MacBook Pro laptop, and a Mac Mini desktop computer. They are designed identically to the current generation of each computer. The company made some claims about the M1′s performance and how it’ll contribute to better battery life in the new Macs. All three computers are starting to ship next week. 
  • MacBook Air starts at $999
  • MacBook Pro starts at $1,299
  • Mac Mini starts at $699
Apple has used Intel chips in its Mac computers since 2005. The transition means Apple will start using chips based on the same technology as the chips in iPhones and iPad.